Bobby Lashley on what Triple H told him before he signed with the WWE

Bobby Lashley’s return to the WWE earlier this year wasn’t exactly a shocker but was quite exciting nonetheless. The former United States Champion returned to the company after making huge strides in MMA and WWE’s rival promotion TNA. Since his return, Lashley has been heavily presented as an upper mid-card level Superstar but will eventually make it to the main event.



Lashley revealed in an interview with German Suplex Talk that he and Triple H had a great conversation before he officially signed with the WWE. Triple H felt that he and WWE could offer Bobby more opportunities than Impact/TNA did. He also brought up the fact that Lashley looked way better than he did back during his initial run.

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He knew my run was over. You know when some people leave you can see how some people mature. When [Triple H] saw me he was like, “damn, you look almost better than you did when you were here before. He said there’s a tremendous amount of money to be made and we’d love to see you come back.


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