Booker T on Sasha Banks getting involved in title picture right after her return

Sasha Banks made her surprise return to WWE programming during this week’s Raw and it appears that she will be inserted into the Women’s title picture right away.



During the recent episode of his Hall Of Fame podcast, WWE Legend Booker T talked about Banks’ hiatus and her return in very detail among other things.

While talking about Banks’ being inserted into the title picture immediately after her return, T explained that it’s a representation of how highly the company thinks of her:

“If you are a talent the way Sasha Banks is – I mean, she was gone for as long as she was and then she came back into a good spot, I am glad she is back. Sasha Banks has been with a lot of history-making moments, so for her to be in that position [against Becky Lynch], I like it. It is almost like Conor McGregor coming back and getting a title shot. The thing is, everybody is going to be hot about it of course, but everyone knows how talented he is, so at the end of the day, that is all it is.”

Sasha Banks attacked Becky Lynch during her return on Monday Night Raw and after Lynch’s response, it looks like the two will be feuding in the coming times.

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