Braun Strowman had incident with Karen Jarrett after Raw in Nashville

Pro wrestling is a lot of fun, isn’t it? You never know what can happen from week to week and apparently things can change with the wind as stories progress, villains become heroes, and vice versa.



The Wrestling Observer Newsletter said apparently after Raw in Nashville some GFW and WWE wrestlers ended up at a bar together. While in the establishment, Karen Jarrett approached Braun Strowman and asked him for an autograph because one of her sons is a huge fan of the Monster Among Men.

The word going around is Braun didn’t know who Karen Jarrett was and he’s usually a pretty personable guy. But in this instance he wasn’t so cool about things. Reports are he was rather rude to Mrs Jarrett and might have sworn at her. That’s not how you win over fans, but it is certainly how you keep kayfabe alive.

Karen Jarrett was furious and she got very loud about him blowing her off. Apparently it got so bad Karen threatened to tell her son’s father who happens to be Raw GM Kurt Angle. After hearing this, Strowman changed his tune in a big way. He apologized to her and begged her not to tell Kurt Angle. He reportedly offered to get on his knees in front of his fellow WWE Superstars to atone for his transgressions as well.

Jeff Jarrett’s current wife and Kurt Angle’s ex Karen returned fire by pointing out Braun was only being nice to her because he found out who she was. She admonished Braun Strowman for being rude saying he shouldn’t act that way to a mother who just wanted an autograph for her son. Strowman admitted she was right and apologized once again.

So if you ever see Braun Strowman in public and want his autograph unless you’re the ex-wife of a WWE Hall Of Famer, it might be best to just wave hello to him from a safe distance.

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