WWE sending main roster talent to NXT during next Superstar Shake-up?

Imagine working your entire life to be a WWE Superstar and you’ve finally achieved your life-long dream. You’re on SmackDown Live and while the crowds might be lukewarm at times, it doesn’t stop you from doing your best. Then out of the blue another Superstar Shake-up is announced and your name is called. But instead of moving over to Raw, you are sent back to NXT.



Some might consider this a slight on the worker’s ability and could get disheartened by this news. Although this doesn’t seem like anything that could happen, the most recent issue of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter confirmed this is actually a likely scenario.

Apparently Vince McMahon is playing with the idea of having another Superstar Shake-up in the fall. They aren’t called drafts anymore because Vince doesn’t want to call them that. He likes “Superstar Shake-up” as the verbiage and it looks like WWE is going to keep using it.

Meltzer said at least one current main roster WWE Superstar is being considered for a switch down to NXT, but there could be more. If there’s a guy Vince McMahon isn’t pushing, isn’t getting over, or could be useful in developmental then that all creates chances for a Superstar’s move to NXT.

Superstars aren’t told about what brand they’ll be moved over to during one of these Shake-ups either. Therefore hearing you’ll be moving down to NXT might come as a shock.

It could also be a feather in a Superstar’s cap if they took the news of going back to NXT as a good thing. But overall if a Superstar is moved down to developmental it can’t be a great sign or at least it’s a test to see how they’ll handle it.

Only time will tell how far this thing goes because Vince McMahon and Company could always scrap the idea. But as of right now it looks like they’re at least batting around the idea of sending a few WWE Superstars down to NXT for one reason or another in the fall.

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