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WWE Universe was delighted after Bray Wyatt finally made his highly-anticipated return last night at WWE Extreme Rules. The return was teased for weeks and fans had been waiting for it to happen. Wyatt closed out the show last night. He debuted a new mask and also indicated the demise of the Firefly Funhouse. Jason Baker had revealed that his company Callosum Studio was the brains behind the mask and the costume designs for Bray Wyatt’s return. It has been noted how Wyatt’s return paid tribute to former Wyatt Family member, Luke Harper (Brodie Lee in WWE), who passed away.



Baker is a special effects artist and has worked for WWE in the past too, helping out with the special effects for WrestleMania 38 earlier this year. He also covered the special effects for the film Black Phone, which featured a mask quite similar to the one Wyatt came out wearing last night.

Bray Wyatt characters identity is seemingly revealed

The return featured multiple characters from the Firefly Funhouse coming to life in the audience as we saw Huskus the Pig, Mercy the Buzzard, Ramblin’ Rabbit, Abby the Witch and even The Fiend. It is rumored that Huskus is Joe Gacy, Abby is Liv Morgan or Nikki Cross, the Fiend is Bo Dallas, Ramblin’ is Baron Corbin, and Mercy is Grayson Waller.

However, this was all in the lead-up to a short vignette that aired, showing the ransacked funhouse covered in cobwebs and seemingly destroyed.

Thereafter, a voice could be heard saying, “Who killed the world? We did!” A masked person then walked through the shining door holding a lantern, before Wyatt unmasked himself to a roaring response from the Philadelphia crowd. He then proceeded to blow the lantern off in his trademark style.

Many have even speculated that ‘The Wyatt 6’ trademark and the six figures who were shown in the spotlight before Bray made his return are somehow connected. We will have to see what Wyatt has in store for the fans.