Bray Wyatt Reacts To ‘Bad’ Vince McMahon Creative

Bray Wyatt allegedly had a conversation with reporter Billi Bhatti at a gym in late 2019 that Bhatti recounted on Keepin’ it 100 with Konnan. Wrestling-Edge transcribed the comments. An idea for Bray Wyatt’s father to debut was just revealed.



Wyatt reportedly discussed his frustration with WWE management and his character, “He was very clear. I said, ‘How come no one understands.’ He said to me, he goes, ‘Everybody understands. We have great young guys with great ideas. They understand everything I want to do, but it’s hard to make one person understand what we want to do.’ We know who that is.” The implication is that Wyatt was likely talking about Vince McMahon.

Arn Anderson recently discussed WWE burying Bray Wyatt on PPV on The Arn Show on

“He was scarier to me in just the Bray Wyatt role then he is in the monster role,” Anderson said on the podcast. “I know what he can give you as a character, the promos he did as the Bray Wyatt character to me, was something we missed the boat on. You [should] not have beat him 10 pay per views in a row, there’s a thought.

“No matter how good you are, you as fans realize after three or four pay per views in a row, the guys not a top guy. I thought he was but apparently nobody else does so I’m going to move on. That’s kind of the mentality and it’s a normal reaction, if the company doesn’t think you’re a big deal, why should [the fans]? I would’ve loved to see Bray as Bray and involved in something that had a personal issue like when he was with Randy and they had their run.” A Bray Wyatt ‘burned face’ WWE return idea leaked.

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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