Charlotte Flair ‘Upsetting’ WrestleMania Spoiler Revealed

Former women’s champion Charlotte Flair might be off WrestleMania 37 after originally being promoted for the show if some latest rumors are to be believed. She was rumored to face Asuka and Rhea Ripley in a triple threat title match, or just Asuka in a one on one.



WWE recently announced the ticket information for the upcoming event and they had several stars tweet out the WrestleMania graphic promoting the pre sale information.

The company then did the same for the open sale of the tickets. However they removed Flair from the graphics that were circulated on the second round of the promotions as seen below:

Charlotte Flair on fans returning for WrestleMania

Prior to the latest changes Charlotte seemed excited for the upcoming WrestleMania event and in a Bleacher Report interview she had talked about the return of fans:

“You never realize what you have until it’s gone, right? I know that sounds so cliche, but being able to make eye contact with the fans when you’re walking down your entrance is like the best feeling ever and creating and feeling that emotion as a performer.

“Yes, it’s been different, and the ThunderDome is incredibly innovative, but to feel live emotion is gonna be a whole different level. As a whole, I think just sending a positive message to the world that eventually things will get back to normal as well is important, but I’m so excited.”

Now these latest reports are making fans worried about the WrestleMania status of Flair and fans are wondering if these changes are related to the recent actions of Charlotte’s boyfriend Andrade.

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