Bray Wyatt reveals how long he thinks he will be wrestling

Since obtaining the Bray Wyatt persona, Windham Rotunda, the man behind the gimmick has not made many public appearances and he rarely gives an interview.



Though recently he appeared on the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast and talked openly about various things. Talking about his recent World Title reign, the former Wyatt Family leader said that he expected to become the world champion:

“I think people expected it of me and I definitely expected it of myself and it was everything that I wanted to obtain. It is huge for me. It has made my life’s work complete.”

Later in the interview, he also spoke about his future plans and revealed that he plans to wrestle for at least next 15 years:

“It [winning the world title] was something very important to me and this is something that will cement me. Forever I will be remembered as something special, but my body is ready to roll for another 15 years, so I’m not looking at stopping. “

Bray Wyatt was moved to Raw from SmackDown Live during the superstar shakeup. Recently he cost Finn Balor an opportunity at the Intercontinental Championship and he is expected to feud with Balor in upcoming time.

Interview transcript via wrestlinginc.


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