Brock Lesnar Replaced By Top AEW Star?

Brock Lesnar and Ronda Rousey are both scheduled for Backlash, but Dave Meltzer earlier noted that the Roman Reigns-Lesnar program is considered over. He also reported a Reigns vs. Cody Rhodes program appears as if it could happen soon.



The former WWE RAW General Manager and the former Senior Vice President of WCW Eric Bischoff were recently involved in QnA session this past weekend during WrestleCon. Bischoff talked about his new “Strictly Business” podcast on He gave his thoughts on AEW and AEW President Tony Khan.

Eric Bischoff reveals what causes bitterness between him and Tony Khan

Bischoff was asked why things seem to turn sour between himself and Tony Khan and what changed and why he seems to be more critical of the AEW product these days.

“It didn’t change at all for me,” Bischoff said. “What changed in the discourse between Tony Khan and I was that Tony felt whenever he felt it necessary to come out and say that, you know, Dynamite is where WCW was in 1996. Well, come on, is there anybody here that buys that? You know, WCW was beating the WWE at that time. WCW was an extremely profitable company at that time. WCW was promoting massive pay per views at that time. Many of them not just one or two or three or four a year. You can’t compare WCW to AEW but he felt like, yeah, he’s got to try to get himself over. So he threw that out there, which was fine. That part didn’t bother me.”

Bischoff said that it was Khan’s comments about Ted Turner that bothered him. Khan had hailed Turner to be ‘smart’ but he said, Turner “didn’t know 1% of what I know about professional wrestling or WCW would still be on TNT/TBS”

Bischoff said:

“What bothered me was when Tony Khan said, ‘Well if Ted Turner knew as much about booking as I do WCW would have never failed.’ That pissed me the f**k off. That was so disrespectful. And I gave an honest response to an honest question. And that honest response kind of created an opportunity for Tony to feel his need to respond, which I understand. I don’t hold him against it for that. But that’s where it kind of escalated. But it doesn’t have anything to do with my feelings about AEW.”

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