Brock Lesnar WWE Contract Payments Leak

The former WWE star Brock Lesnar has portrayed a heel persona for the major part of his career and have widely succeeded. But, he has worked as babyface as well during his early years in the business when he worked for OVW.



Brock Lesnar shoots on fans

Jim Cornette recently spoke about Brock Lesnar’s OVW run when he revealed how much he was paid by Vince McMahon. He shared an incident that took place during a show. He said that The Beast Incarnate lambasted a couple of fans during a show with a heel promo even though he was working as a babyface back then.

Lesnar had battled many top stars in OVW who went on to become huge stars in he business. Jim Cornette recently talked about an incident when the former WWE Championwas furious with the fans in attendance and cut a heel promo on them though working as a babyface at the time. WWE Diva Calls For Vince McMahon ‘Removal’

Jim Cornette said:

“One time a couple of people started hooting him at a church gym show and he gets a microphone, cuts a heel promo on them. So when he came back up I said, “You enjoy turning heel?” I said, “No, you’re f****** gonna be a god**mn babyface from here on out. If Vince McMahon who’s paying you this $250,000 a year wants you to be a god**mn ballet dancer you’ll be wearing a tutu on broadway. So don’t cut anymore god**mn heel promos when you’re supposed to be a babyface. Learn how to make ’em like you or find a new line of business.” He didn’t like that s**t.”

Brock Lesnar made his debut back in 2002 as a heel and had been maintaining that persona until he turned babyface when Paul Heyman turned on him and joined forces with The Big Show. He later turned back heel betraying Kurt Angle and worked with Vince McMahon. Since then he has been working as a heel.

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