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Cain Velasquez reveals why he might choose AEW over WWE

Cain Velesquez

  • StoneColdBeckyLynch

    Who cares if he maybe doesn’t follow wrestling religiously. He has a great understanding and respect for the biz

  • Gregory Chabala

    And Shayna Bazler is doing pretty well for her self. Dan Severn was hardly successful. Wearing a sweaty grey t-shirt is a hardly the makings of a HoF fame career.

  • Gitch

    Matt Riddle is a possibility, if he doesn’t keep shooting his mouth off and ruin it for himself.

  • CC

    His statements are very valid, but one thing did make me laugh is when he said Lucha is something fans are liking “these days”. Kinda makes you wonder what his wrestling history is as a fan seeing as Lucha has been popular for donkeys years. Hell even WCW and ECW showcased it heavily and that was over two decades ago.

  • Alejandro Abagwa

    Ronda Rousey headlined Wrestlemania…..ya mark.

  • Rinn13

    In all blunt honesty, the only notable MMA fighters who had got into pro wrestling and had success, were Ken Shamrock and Dan Severn. And, unsurprisingly, it’s because they started out as wrestlers first. They both got into pro wrestling before getting into MMA, so they weren’t coming from nothing, and already had the training and understood the business when they became bigger stars. Ken of course had the biggest/most infamous run, with WWF during the Attitude Era.

    Outside of them? Nada. Brock Lesnar was a pro wrestler first, did MMA and then came back (for money). There haven’t, to my knowledge, been any notable MMA fighters with zero pro wrestling experience beforehand, who have had any real success in wrestling.

  • Keith Learmonth

    As far as reasons go, that’s a pretty valid one.

    “I prefer the wrestling there”.