A Look at Cena and Big Show’s Diets, Eve Torres Video, SmackDown Note

– NBC released the following video of Eve Torres on Stars Earn Stripes:



– SyFy released their Fall TV schedule today and there is no listing for a live episode of WWE SmackDown on any Tuesday night.

– Australia’s Heraldsun.com.au website published an article on WWE Superstars and their diets as the WWE RAW brand heads down under this week. It was noted that Big Show eats a 20-egg omelette, milk, juices and a tub of ice cream for breakfast. Cena’s breakfast consists of eight eggs and oatmeal but he has two chicken breasts, fresh vegetables and brown rice for lunch. Cena’s dinner is usually eaten at the arena and consists of grilled fish or chicken, brown rice, vegetables and a salad.

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