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Charlotte Flair on getting bothered with being recognized as Ric Flair’s daughter

Charlotte Flair has achieved a lot of things in her WWE career but some people still recognize her as the daughter of Ric Flair and according to the WWE Star, she is bothered by this label.

The former Women’s Champion recently had an interview with talkSPORT where she talked about her last 2 title reigns being very short and more.

Flair had called out ESPN for listing ‘Ric Flair’s daughter as a career achievement in an article back in March. Recalling the issue, the Raw Star said that she still gets bothered by the label

“I still get bothered, going into WrestleMania last year we were at ESPN, me, Becky [Lynch] and Ronda [Rousey] and they had both girls’ highlights and mine was like ‘Ric Flair’s daughter.’ I did the Sports Illustrated body issue—first one ever, male or female—Sports Illustrated accomplishments and that’s what you label me as? In this women’s evolution? Seriously? No, it still bothers me.”

The former Champion went on to explain that seeing graphics listing her as Ric Flair’s daughter still bothers her and claimed that her dad couldn’t have touched her athletically:

“It still bothers me when I see my graphics sometimes and I see Ric Flair’s daughter as part of my graphic, what is that got to do with who I am? Yes, he’s my dad. Yes, I’m continuing his legacy. Yes, I have some of my father’s nuances, but my dad couldn’t touch me athletically. It still bothers me. My dad being referred to as Charlotte’s dad will be the biggest history I can make [Laughs].”

  • F. Loyd B. Pippin

    At least she knows who her father is. I went to school with a bunch of people who never met their father and would love for him to have been willing to work with them. It may seem like a burden now, but it will be one that she’d wish for everyday when he passes away.

  • Whistling Joe


  • BAE-LEY’s buddy

    “Athleticism has nothing to do with wrestling.”

    I’m fairly certain that every wrestler would disagree with you on that one.

  • Erron Black

    Well, sorry, Flairs daughter, but you’re Flairs daughter and nothing more. If you weren’t Flairs daughter, they wouldn’t have even hired you. You’re not over, you’ve never been over, you never will be over and there are women like Asuka and Kairi Sane who are that should be in your spot. You’re a proven ratings loser, there’s no fan interest in you. You could leave WWE today and it would be a story for about a half hour before everybody forgot about it and talked about the more important goings on.

    If you want the recognition and the push, you need to learn to accept that you have it because you’re Flairs daughter. And whether or not your father could touch you “athletically” or not means nothing, because athleticism has nothing to do with wrestling. You didn’t inherit his charisma, his mic skills, his in ring psychology, his ability to carry anybody to an amazing match, none of it. You inherited his genes and that’s it.

  • Whistling Joe

    I’m not convinced that isn’t really Reid.

  • Whistling Joe

    Maybe if you had refused to let them add the name “Flair”, copy his entrance attire, not used the figure four, not created a group called the Horsewoman, not allowed WWE to give you an undeserved push and a million title reigns, you wouldn’t have this problem. You don’t get to complain, dude. You don’t deserve ANYTHING you have been given except, perhaps, a shot on the main roster. You’re a bad wrestler, have a terrible looking moonsault, and there is nothing feminine about you at all.

  • jedi

    The only things about her that sets her apart from her father is shes female & her in ring work everything else she tried to ride his coat tails till they tear from his robe!

  • Douglas Paterson


  • lobsterball

    When your entire gimmick, gear, entrance, theme, EVERYTHING leans on using your father’s name and the road he’s paved for you… and then you are bothered than he’s being mentioned in discussions about you…..

    Had she not leaned on the Flair name (since the family name isn’t even Flair) or used his gimmick or and relied on it and STILL using it then I understand if she takes issue with it. Otherwise she’s screaming to everyone I’M RIC FLAIR’S DAUGHTER LOOK AT ME!!! and then getting mad when they mention him rather than talk about her.