Charlotte ‘Saved’ Andrade From WWE Firing

It was implied that Charlotte Flair saved Andrade from being fired last spring in a new stream of tweets by RobViper. Andrade requested his release to possibly go to AEW.



“When Mistico/Sin Cara failed to succeed in WWE it was easy for the apologists to point his bad attitude, contractual clauses, size, style, language barrier, etc etc etc It was a match made in hell (which everyone knew going in) & some actually said (haha) WWE would learn from it.

With Andrade you can’t claim any of that. He played by their rules. He actually attended language classes. Humbled himself working Largo Loop. Dropped the extra name. Got over initial frustration & waited for his call-up. Kept his mouth shut. Didn’t politic even w/ his advantage.

Even though he played ball – it got him nowhere. Just like it wouldn’t have for Mistico. Just like it won’t for Garza Carrillo or the next signing who will be “the next Rey Misterio Jr./Eddy Guerrero”. It’s just not in the cards. The issues in WWE are systemic. Forever ingrained.

Aside from that – Andrade is exactly the type of guy that checks off all the boxes on the irritation list of the folks in power. From the accent to finding a girl they think he doesn’t deserve to having self-respect (or as they call it – “attitude”).

Let’s not forget Andrade was on the release list back in April. Only one thing saved him.

Andrade was the warning to Rush; same way Gran Metalik was the warning to Bandido. This is a company that barely tolerates a legend like Rey but bends over backwards for a Velveteen Dream.

Kudos to Andrade who could’ve just hung out in the gym for the next 10 yrs while getting paid. I have no worries he’ll succeed elsewhere. Asking to leave is the only sign I need.

Now we just wait for the next Mexican to sign w/ WWE & give the “it’ll be different with me” spiel.”

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph is the editor and lead reporter of Wrestling Edge. You can send an email to wrestlingedgeofficial

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