Chelsea Green Shows Backside In Boat Photo

WWE star Chelsea Green recently took to her Instagram account and posted pictures flaunting her backside in a boat. Her caption read:



“Took the [sea]nic route 🌊”

WWE star Sonya Deville recently opened up about her pairing with current RAW star and tag team partner Chelsea Green.

On the March 27 episode of RAW, Deville and Green teamed up against Candice LeRae, and Michin, eventually qualifying for the Women’s WrestleMania Showcase match. This marked the start of a brand new tag team in WWE’s women’s division, one that also saw them compete for the tag team titles on several occasions. The team have been doing well and are fan-favorites.

While speaking in an interview with Maria Menounos, Deville mentioned that the creative team was looking to have tag team matches during WrestleMania, and they wanted to involve more women in the event, that’s when Sonya and Green were paired together.

Sonya Deville mentioned that although WWE had paired up Chelsea with two other girls, that didn’t work out for them. And eventually, Green and Deville were put together randomly, and the duo worked out.

“I don’t know. I do know that we’ve gotten great feedback, and they seem to really like us together. It was something that was not meant to be a thing. WrestleMania was coming up, and they were looking to have tag teams to be in this fatal four-way tag team match, I think, and they were trying to get more women involved….”

Deville further added on how they started “gelling” and what led to them forming a tag team.

“Then we did a backstage, and we had a match right before ‘Mania, and they were like, ‘Wait a second. This is actually working.’ [My fiancé] said it right away. She was like, ‘I really like it. You guys have something.’ I was like, ‘Yeah?’ Because we’re so opposite, I didn’t see it at first. But she said it, and then a couple weeks later, creative was like, ‘They really like you guys together. I think we’re gonna run with this.’ Then I started really liking it. We started really gelling.”

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