Chris Benoit Son Appears At Raw In Photo

David Benoit is the son of the legendary technical wrestler and one of the greatest of all time, Chris Benoit. He is in attendance today at #WWERaw. Benoit is a wrestling fan and today’s show is in Edmonton where he lives, so missing it was never an option.



Chris Benoit hasn’t been mentioned in any capacity due to this appearance from David in the crowd. David loves wrestling, and in a Reddit post, some people shared their experiences of working with or being around David. One user that goes by the name B0mb-Hands wrote that he is the nicest person to talk to and loves anyone who likes wrestling.

He doesn’t talk about his father though, unless prompted, but is doing everything in his power to enjoy life and earn an honest living like everyone. While some just wished him good, some others said that they hate Chris Benoit, but not to the extent to have David Benoit.

It means that people are emphatatic to him, and it makes all the difference. The wrestling community appreciates him and his father’s work. It was one unfortunate incident and one cannot build their life around one incident that is difficult to remember or feel great.

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