Christian Cage Reason For Quitting WWE Leaks

Christian Cage is debuted at AEW Revolution tonight as the mystery signing, and WrestlingInc’s Raj Giri is reporting that Christian not signing with WWE and leaving the company ‘was not’ on his end, so it appears WWE were not interested in giving him the financial deal he got from Tony Khan and AEW to wrestle. An AEW Revolution ‘botch’ on WWE Network was revealed.



A fan asked Raj, “Do you know what the hold up was with WWE negotiations. Makes no sense that they would have him not sign with Edge back and potential storylines in singles and tag matches.”

Raj responded, “I’ve heard a couple of things, it’s not on Christian’s end, that’s for sure.”

Tony Khan revealed after the show that Christian called him wanting to wrestle regularly again.

Giri also said he didn’t believe Christian lived up to Tony Khan’s hype, “It would if you were just going by what Paul Wight said on Dynamite, but it doesn’t IMO with Tony Khan’s subsequent comments.”

A fan responded, “Same here. No disrespect to Christian (he’s AWESOME) but I would expect something more based on Tony’s remarks.”

Raj then said, “Christian is great, but saying “huge , huge” to me would mean someone like Lesnar, Punk, etc. If Christian didn’t wrestle in the Rumble, that would be have been a massive surprise, but knowing he’s cleared kinda takes the bloom off the rose.”

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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