CM Punk ‘Defended’ By Top WWE Name Backstage

Bruce Prichard is currently the WWE Executive Director and has spent decades working in the company. He has had the pleasure of managing and working with numerous pro wrestlers throughout his career, including two pro wrestlers from very different generations. The pro wrestlers being Randy Savage and CM Punk. CM Punk also wants a stunning WWE return.



Bruce Prichard spoke on the latest edition of Ask Bruce Anything, where he was asked about the backstage behavior of Randy Savage and CM Punk. He was specifically asked whether the Second City Saint was more of a ‘hothead’ or if that was Randy Savage.

Bruce Prichard revealed that since he never saw the Second City Saint being a ‘hothead,’ he would choose Randy Savage as the more emotional one backstage in WWE. He also revealed how he told Randy Savage to come to him to vent his frustrations before going to Vince McMahon.

“See, I never got the hothead CM Punk. I never experienced that, so the nod would have to go to Randy Savage just based on that. But again, depending upon who you were and how you dealt with Randy. You’ve got varied degrees of it.”

“I did because we were friends. I would encourage him to vent to me first before he vented to Vince.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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