CM Punk Demands Fan ‘Delete’ Bray Wyatt Photo

CM Punk is not happy with what is going down on Twitter right now. We all know that CM Punk has beef with WWE, but why would this photo set him off like this? CM Punk Calls Out Randy Orton Before WrestleMania.



CM Punk was sent a photo of him and The Fiend, Bray Wyatt. Now, this was pre-Fiend. It was even pre-Bray Wyatt. This photo was from when CM Punk was initiating him into Nexus. Of course, this angle was great, but CM Punk had some other thoughts about seeing this photo come across his screen.

The user who sent the photo to CM Punk over Twitter said “Remember this?” as it shows Punk with a belt strap about to beat the former Husky Harris. CM Punk sharply tweeted back stating “Delete this.”

It’s uncertain why Punk is acting like this over a simple photo, but what I personally found odd was that WWE on Instagram posted a photo of The Fiend with the caption “This fire burns always.” The line, of course, being used in CM Punk’s once had theme song.

Could all of this add up to a CM Punk return? Most likely not. However, if my reach does come true; don’t say you didn’t read it here first.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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