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CM Punk finds himself in new role in MMA promotion

CM Punk

After leaving the WWE back in 2014, CM Punk set his sights on an MMA career. His run in the UFC didn’t work out, however, after losing two matches in a row. At this moment, the Second City Saint is still under contract with the UFC, but the company’s president, Dana White, said after his last fight that he would probably never fight for them again.

That doesn’t mean he’s leaving the MMA world completely, though. It’s been announced that Punk will be joining Cage Fury Fighting Championships as a commentator. Back in 2010 when a hip injury prevented him from competing, Punk worked the commentary desk for Monday Night Raw, so this wouldn’t be his first shot at this kind of position.

If all things go well, Punk could find himself as part of the commentary team for the UFC. After all, CFFC is a known affiliate of the UFC, bringing them a handful of talent over the years.

The UFC will host CFFC’s first-ever event on UFC Fight Pass where CM Punk will make his debut for CFFC as a color commentator on December 14th.

  • Luke

    What a devastating, evidence-based retort. Consider me zinged.

  • Dirt McGirt

    No, it’s called the real world.

  • Dirt McGirt


  • Keith Learmonth

    You know, the problem with that is that this is the internet. There’s little-to-no context here for your comments, so, while you might think it’s funny to act stupid… everyone else isn’t generally aware you’re acting, so it just makes you look stupid, and not in the funny way you intended.

  • Luke

    Yeah look it up. It’s balls, based on flawed studies. Actual peer-reviewed science demonstrates there is no link between negative/positive attitudes/personality types and cancer.

    I can’t post a link due to the spam filters on this site but google “Attitudes and Cancer- American Cancer Society” for the full story.

    Be miserable. You won’t get cancer because of it.

  • Luke

    You’ve already proven yourself a “stupid” by suggesting Graves couldn’t cut it as a wrestler.

  • Steven Stevens

    I bet he won’t last very long doing this either.

  • Armitage Soulshroude

    No sh*t, chummer. I’m dumbing things down for the stupids.

  • jedi

    Graves could not cut it as a wrestler? No that’s Saxton & Percy Watson. They could not cut it as wrestlers Graves was injured and could not physically wrestle anymore bud.

  • Dirt McGirt

    He’s supposed to, he’s an old-school heel announcer.

  • Dirt McGirt

    Negative people have higher cancer rates than positive people. Look it up.

  • Soulshroude

    Fine… even if Graves comes off as a serious douche.

  • Omar

    Good for him. He has a gift of gab. He can translate his love for MMA that way instead of giving it up.

  • Omar

    Living in his own world

  • CC

    Come on that is not fair on Graves. He was a wrestler for 14 years and only retired to repeated concussions. Hardly someone with two matches under his belt and “could not cut it”.

  • Rinn13

    Not a terribly firm grasp on medical science, I see.

  • Soulshroude

    Cause you lost twice, you consider yourself an MMA veteran and therefore, choose the route Corey Graves took when he couldn’t cut it as a wrestler. Commentary…

    Word of advice to anyone… 2 years of training for the MMA, UFC, et al, etc. Doesn’t make you a “fighting machine”. It creates a certain skill set. But, if you don’t have the added muscle, the man power, the fortitude or the resistance to stay on that route and at least win a fight… you never will. Phil is a fine example of certain failure within that industry. He is now making money, saving face in the process… by continuing down a different path on the same road.

  • Dirt McGirt

    I doubt this will make him happy or give him any sense of fulfillment. He’s such a miserable human being, he’s going to end up getting cancer, sadly. i wish he’d just swallow his pride and come back to WWE.

  • Kayfabe_Is_Dead

    He has also done commentary on Ultimate Beastmaster, so it wouldn’t be the second time either. FYI.