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CM Punk merchandise removed from Pro Wrestling Tees store

Cm Punk

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    He won’t be working for the WWE he will be working for Fox. When Fox paid the WWE a billion dollars WWE sold the rights of Smackdown to Fox. I am starting to believe Vince Mac goal is to sell off WWE to Fox in the near future.

  • CC

    Ryder & Hawkins also have a butt load of t-shirts available on that website for their podcast, so I am not convinced Punk removing his shirts is anything more than a coincidence or trolling (as you said).
    Not saying he has not signed some kind of deal, but I do not think this is connected.

  • oppa

    I’ve always been under the impression that he’d be getting a paycheck from Fox and not from WWE. This move only makes sense if he is trolling or if he has reached some kind of deal with WWE directly. They made Neidhart take down his merch from there when he signed a legend’s deal years ago, so that may be what’s happening. With them panicing and paying people more money to stay away from AEW or NJPW, anything is possible.

  • CC

    If he is working for Fox rather than WWE as has been reported many times, there would be absolutely no reason to remove his merch.
    And from memory, Matt Hardy was still selling merch on Pro Wrestling Tees after he signed, and only took them down shortly after he debuted as he put out a social media message telling people to buy them by a certain date before they were taken down.

  • Soulshroude

    Sure… “a done deal”. We’ll believe it when it actually happens.