CM Punk on possible WWE return

At Starrcast III in Chicago, CM Punk took part in a panel on Saturday where he discussed a number of topics which included his WWE return.



CM Punk said the following on the topic of ‘what would happen if WWE were to contact him’ (via PW Torch): “I wouldn’t not talk to them. On what planet, in what other business does somebody suspend somebody else, and then they don’t come and get them after the suspension. Like, why is it up to me? It’s just a weird situation.”

Punk said that he is over it and has been for a long time and it is in the past. He did note that he would be open to talk to somebody from the company if they were to contact him.

Punk was asked what he thinks about fans asking him to make a comeback. He said that he doesn’t think it’s weird, in fact he thinks it is a testament to his contributions in the business. Punk added that he gets asked often about his return but it’s better than being asked when he’s going to retire.

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