Cody Rhodes Drops Sad CM Punk Bombshell

WWE star Cody Rhodes is currently sidelined with injury. He has something to dealt with amid this.



Cody Rhodes agent was fired

Outside of Hollywood, agent Brian Wittenstein has several connections to pro wrestling. His prominent connection these days is serving as the agent for WWE star Cody Rhodes, and his wife, former AEW star and CBO Brandi Rhodes. Wittenstein is also said to represent other figures in pro wrestling, though it’s unclear who these talents are.

According to Deadline, Wittenstein has left the Hyperion Talent Agency earlier this week. Multiple sources told Deadline that a client of Wittenstein’s approached the agency with an allegation of inappropriate behavior; a follow-up into the complaint allegedly led to an uncovering of previous instances of sexual harassment, leading to Wittenstein’s departure. Hyperion issued no comment other than to state Wittenstein had left the agency, while the agent insisted the two had parted amicably.

Speaking about a possible return of Rhodes to WWE soon, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer has given a positive update on Rhodes’ recovery, saying he is doing well and is expected to return sooner than he was initially supposed to:

”Rhodes appears to be a little ahead of schedule in healing. He’s working with DDP. Things are normal for him in real life but obviously any upper body weights he can use are extremely light. There’s no firm date for a return this early, and even when there is, I would expect it’ll be kept quiet for a surprise pop. Originally the idea of Rumble looked good. Perhaps Day 1 since it’s in Atlanta and he grew up and still lives there.”

Cody Rhodes also just weighed in on CM Punk rumors.

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