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Cody Rhodes Reacts to Controversial Dusty Rhodes Angle on RAW

As seen during last night’s (Monday December 26, 2016) episode of WWE Monday Night RAW, Bayley gifted Goldust a small bear dressed in late-great WWE Hall Of Famer Dusty Rhodes’ attire, to which Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows would later arrive and rip the bear’s head off.

Former WWE Superstar and son of Dusty, Cody Rhodes, would take to Twitter to react to the segment, and you can check out what he had to say here:

You can watch the angle in question here below:

What do you think guys? Too far?

  • Topcontenderpodcast

    Now personally I didn’t think the segment was that bad, and I believe that if dusty were alive to see it, he would’ve been fine with it. However, like D2K said below, you do not mess with family PERIOD. Everybody knows this but WWE. They seem to always wanna use deaths as a way to gather cheap heat. I personally hate it because I believe it is a very useless, stupid and cheap tactic. The Eddie Guerrero one was useless, the Paul bearer one was stupid, the ric flair son one was utterly disgusting and so on. Some people grieve their family member for a long time and it is just wrong to use that to further your ratings. As we can see, they never use Owen for cheap heat cuz then they know that his family will bite back

  • gar216

    That is your opinion. Everyone is untitled to one. Dustin had to sign off on the segment, apparently he disagreed with your opinion (and Cody’s.) In my opinion, the Paul Bearer cremains segment was distasteful, but that is what they were going for. These are characters who are amped up to 11. It isn’t our call.

  • D2K

    Common sense and tactfulness obliterate the so-called “minefield” you speak of.

    Let me preface this with the fact that I understand that WWE management exists in it’s own reality where they determine for themselves what is or is not “crossing-the-line.” That is not in dispute here and is understood.

    This is not even close to being as murky as you claim. There are just certain things that are considered crossing-the-line in every culture on planet Earth regardless of social constructs of each particular society.

    Tactfulness – You don’t mess with someone’s family. PERIOD. That’s not up for debate.

    Common sense – They also are not so dilapidated not to know that people would see that and react the way they have. Of course, WWE doesn’t CARE which is at the heart of the problem.

    What was the whole point of the segment anyway? Are the writers so bereft of talent that the only way they can get heat for Gallows and Anderson is to have them rip the head off of a Dusty Rhodes teddy bear? I mean really? That’s your play?? That’s about as cheap as cheap heat can get.

    There is no defense for WWE here at all. It was crossing the line on a personal level, plus it showed just how pathetic the writers for RAW are and how much they are lacking in creative talent. So if you want to keep making excuses for them go right ahead. I’m done here. I’ve said what I wanted to say.

  • gar216

    The point is that there isn’t a line. It’s a matter of opinion as to what should and shouldn’t be left alone. That’s the minefield

  • Killswitch

    Yeah, it can set an uncomfortable precident. People of different opinions feel a certain way about it, and it differs from situation to situation. Yes, this is pro wrestling and rules of ethics are weird. But sometimes it really does blur the lines of morals, and usually should be avoided.

    I remember earlier this year when everyone lost their minds when Charlotte mentioned Reid’s death. As I recall, it didn’t upset Ric or Charlotte. Who is everyone else to judge?

  • D2K

    That’s precisely why such things should be left well alone.

  • gar216

    The line that you are talking about becomes a field of land mines when left an individual’s response. It’s too vague to judge in any other way than hindsight. It’s a wrestling angle and they are a wrestling family.

  • Killswitch

    You know, when I watched the segment I thought it was shocking, and gave the bully heel faction heat. And I really didn’t think it was too far. But when the heat is gained at the expense of an individual, and that person (or those close to them) have a problem with it, that’s where you should draw the line.