Colby Covington Girlfriend Swimsuit Photo Revealed

Colby Covington uploaded an Instagram video with his two girlfriends prior to his UFC 272 victory over Jorge Masvidal, as seen below by scrolling down.



Jorge Masvidal is currently one of the top UFC stars but is also one of the most outspoken and controversial ones to boot. Jake Paul also recently leaked a bad series of Jorge Masvidal texts.

Jorge Masvidal was one of the celebrities who made an appearance at UFC 264. Another celebrity who appeared at UFC 264 was former President Of The United States, Donald Trump. It seems he quite likes Jorge Masvidal.

Colby Covington is a huge fan of Conor McGregor and does not like Dustin Poirier, as many fans are well aware of the fact. Colby Covington was also spotted with Donald Trump’s wife earlier this year. 

Colby Covington has a longstanding rivalry with fellow UFC star Jorge Masvidal. At UFC 272, Jorge Masvidal and Colby Convington finally faced off against each other in the main event of the show.  The fight went the distance for all five rounds. However, in the end, Jorge Masvidal lost to Colby Covington via unanimous decision. Covington simply outclassed Jorge Masvidal in the fight due to his expert wrestling skills.

Covington poked Masvidal in the eye, to which Masvidal immediately protested to referee Herb Dean. However, Dean allowed the fight to continue and this allowed Covington to win in the end. During the UFC 272 post-fight press conference, Jorge Masvidal slammed Dean for his officiating as a bad referee.

“The eye poke was pretty bad, man. The only thing that’s hurting on me right now is the fuckin’ eye poke,” Masvidal said. “My eye’s still throbbing right now. I’ve had a couple mishaps with Herb Dean. I just don’t get it why he didn’t fix the action. [Covington] threw a punch, missed, and then he immediately just jabbed me in the fuckin’ eyeball. I’m not gonna take nothin’ away (from) him winning the fight because that was just one sequence; it would’ve been cool if he would’ve stopped it there and I would’ve got my fuckin’ breather and then we restart because he poked the shit out of my eye, and it’s still throbbin’ right now. That’s the only thing that’s hurting on me.

“Me and Herb Dean don’t have a clean record as it is. We’ve had a couple mishaps in the past, and shit, man, he’s not my cup of tea when it comes to referring.”

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