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Concern over Roman Reigns’ return due to Covid-19

Roman Reigns

  • MT McGee

    Thank you, that information should have been in the article.

  • CC

    The thing about this virus is people bang on about it being only old people and immune compromised people etc, but what people are finding out is they did not know they had issues and that is the scary part.
    Any person could find out they have some kind of undiagnosed respiratory issue or have immunity issues.
    This is why it is sill to take risks that are really no essential.

    It is great that the likes of WWE and AEW feel that entertaining people in these times is the right thing to do, but I am sure most fans would be more understanding if they just shut up shop and not took these risks. Especially when you consider how close these people have to work in the ring, and somebody can be infected and not show symptoms for two weeks, but could be spreading it to their competitors.

    Just do what WWE is already doing to fill time, and show repeats of older matches.

  • Johnny Ace

    Brie said in a previous interview that Daniel Bryan has had an autoimmune disease since he was a kid.

  • MT McGee

    Why would Bryan be at risk? Concussions have nothing to do with your immune system.