Conor McGregor Posts Creepy Photo For Arnold Schwarzenegger

The UFC megastar Conor McGregor recently took to her Instagram account and posted a picture while riding a bike in Abu Dhabi. He flexed his muscle and joked that he looked similar to what Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Lee mad Irish baby would look like.



His caption read:

If @schwarzenegger and @brucelee had a mad Irish baby 😂😂☘️

Michael Chandler comments on possible bout with Conor McGregor

Michael Chandler believes he and Conor McGregor should fight on July 1 as the main event of the UFC’s International Fight Week.

The Irishman will have been out of action for almost two years to the day when next year’s showcase event rolls around in Las Vegas, and would be a huge attraction for fans. He appears to be recovered from the broken leg he suffered against Dustin Poirier but is six months away from being eligible to compete due to a lack of USADA testing.

Chandler, the former Bellator champion who is one of the UFC’s most exciting lightweights, believes that he is the perfect opponent for the Irishman to return against. He has been pushing for the fight as long as he’s been in the promotion, and McGregor appears keen on the idea as well, telling him back in May that they would fight at some point in his career.

“People will say I’m chasing the Red Panty Night, and I’m chasing the payday,” Chandler told ESPN. “And yes, that’s a part of it, it’s always going to be a part of the conversation that people talk about when you’re fighting Conor McGregor, but I want battlegrounds of epic proportions.

I want the brightest lights. I want the biggest platforms. I want to go out there on the verge of a heart attack because the moment is so big. And what is bigger than fighting Conor McGregor? And at this point, him coming back, what is bigger than Conor McGregor stepping into the octagon with, I’ve got to be the most electrifying man in the UFC right now?

“It’s the biggest fight to make, it’s the most PPV sales that can be made right now, at this current juncture, in the entire world of MMA, I think Conor knows it, I think the UFC knows it, and I think it’s going to happen International Fight Week of 2023.”

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