Conor McGregor Reveals Dustin Poirier ‘Shooting’ Claim

Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor have been playing mind games with one another ahead of their highly anticipated matchup on July 10th.
It all started when Poirier suggested to ESPN MMA analyst Brett Okamoto that the first person to shoot during 264 is a ‘dusty bitch’. Their latest contest will be the third in a trilogy of fights. The series is tied with each respective fighter having a win a piece. Dustin Poirier’s UFC 264 paycheck deal recently leaked.



“He (Conor McGregor) just said something on ‘the first one to shoot is a dusty b***h’, that’s what he said,” Poirier told ESPN’s Brett Okamoto. “Isn’t he the one who’s always preaching about the flow, the full martial arts, no holds barred, no rules, the ultimate fighting like when he’s talking about boxing and stuff. How about the first one to get taken down is a dusty b***h. It reeks of insecurity to me,” he added.

In response, McGregor went on the social media platform to respond to Poirier’s words by saying: “Best boxer my ass! Shooting ass, shelling ass bitch”. In a follow-up tweet McGregor would add: “Quick take for you and your team pal – You’s got pucked around in the clinch Elbows, knees, shoulders, fists. Looking outside the cage for advice”

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Michael Joseph
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