Dana White Plans UFC Event For Troops In Afghanistan, Even After Bombing

The Ultimate Fighting Championship has been operating many events on military bases which are targeted specifically for the troops and raising money for military-related charities.



UFC president Dana White had plans for an event in Afghanistan and had been working with the U.S. military in hopes of making the event happen. Unfortuntely, as things were coming together for the event, everything came apart.

“We had a place, and the place got bombed really bad,” White recently reported, following the UFC 125 pre-fight press conference on Wednesday.

The UFC’s plan for an event in Afghanistan has been postponed indefinitely due to the seriousness of the situation according to the U.S. military.

The bombing of the location did not deture White who claims he is still prepared to go into Afghanistan and put on a show for the U.S. troops, “When the U.S. military says we can go in, we’ll go.”

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