UFC President Dana White Says Lesnar Will Not Return To WWE’s Wrestlemania XXVII

There has been much speculation since UFC 121 in Anaheim, California where Brock Lesnar had a brief face-off with Mark Calaway, better known to die-hard WWE fans as ‘The Undertaker’, following Lesnar’s loss to Cain Velasquez as to whether he would be returning to WWE’s Wrestlemania XXVII.



Dana White recently put the rumors to rest explaining his fighter wasn’t going anywhere, claiming Lesnar will not be returning to the WWE in April in Atlanta, Georgia where Wrestlemania is set to be held.

The UFC heavyweight champion knows that Dana White does not encourage his fighters to cross over to the scripted world of professional wrestling, Lesnar’s old stomping grounds.

White has said the sport of mixed martial arts is too new and is still continuing to fight the stigma of being compared to professional wrestling.

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