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Daniel Bryan reveals which Mexican wrestlers he would like to see in WWE

Daniel Bryan has been doing media rounds to promote WWE’s South American tour recently and in the spree, he recently talked to William Beltran of SuperLuchas while in Bogota, Colombia.

During the interview, the former World Champion was asked which Mexican or Latin American wrestlers he would like to go to WWE and replying to it, he said that his favorites are now too old to join the company.

Bryan said that he would have liked Negro Casas or Blue Panther but they are too old now and then went on to take the names of Rush, Bandito and Dragon Lee as stars who can succeed in the company:

“I have a lot of respect for them, but thinking about who could do it now in WWE, someone like Rush could. I think Bandito would do well; Dragon Lee could also succeed.”

Apart from this, Daniel Bryan also talked about his current run in WWE and explained what makes it stand out. You can check out his comments on the matter here.

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    The problem is, WWE wants a big break out Hispanic star to rival the popularity of Rey Mysterio, but they do very little to push or support them. At one point it was Sin Cara, but after he turned out to be a botch monkey, they replaced him and then promptly buried the new version.
    Kalisto got a push, but it never felt natural. And rather than stick with him and help develop him (promo skills especially … do a good lucha thing), they put him into a comedy tag team. Hell, when he started to lose steam on the main roster he should have been pushed to the moon on 205 live to rebuild him, not put him in a weak New Day parody.

    And currently its Andrade. A guy WWE just cannot seem to decide what to do with. Yes his promo skills suck because of his poor English, but that is why he has a manager. His matches with Rey were phenomenal but once they are over, he is basically back to where he was before.

    WWE just cannot get Hispanic/Mexican wrestlers right anymore. Since Eddie and Rey, the biggest name that they have had was Del Rio, and we all know how that worked out.