Dave Meltzer Reveals If He Is Paid By AEW

Wrestling Observer owner Dave Meltzer appeared to shoot down the idea that Tony Khan and AEW have him on payroll in a new post on his forum.



A fan posted a photo claiming Meltzer has a $120 million net worth, and Meltzer joked in response, “Tony Khan writes big checks. I leveraged my friendship with the rival owners daughter to get a huge raise after doing the show.

Can’t wait until all of that makes social media and people actually believe it.”

Another fan named Matt posted, “At least in the short-term, someone like Lana could quit WWE tomorrow and make more money just by leveraging their social media footprint.” Dave responded, “Many could, but the fear is once you’re off WWE TV all that money dries up quickly. That’s why Zelina Vega, who made more through social media than her WWE deal, was not happy being fired.

The Bellas and Paige are both very high, but the Bellas have a TV presence. Paige doesn’t, but Saraya Bevis can’t make that money, only Paige can, so she’s stuck as well.”

Meltzer is a huge fan of AEW and good friends with Tony Khan and The Young Bucks, with Khan calling Meltzer to tell him his ideas for upcoming AEW shows, and Meltzer getting many exclusive AEW scoops. The Young Bucks named the ‘Meltzer Driver’ after Dave.

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