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Dolph Ziggler Speaks About Survivor Series Performance & Requirements To Be A Main Eventer

In an interview with, Dolph Ziggler spoke about various topics including being the lone survivor at WWE Survivor Series…

On his match at Survivor Series: “Career-wise, you don’t think every [match] is big for your career, but [with] this one, I thought if I could pull it off, I can go to another level. I went, ‘This has to happen, this has to be perfect, this has to be done just right.’ I was nervous every step, because there were several big steps. We got lucky, combined with a lot of professional Superstars who are [really] good at their jobs.”

On what it takes to be a main eventer: “There are a million factors. You could have every gift there is known to man and you could be that guy who is 6-foot-7 and somehow is like me in every way — only taller — but there has to be a connection… There is a glass ceiling for everybody until you find a way to get that connection that Cena has.”

On being the total package: “Nobody works harder than me in the ring, no one steals the show more often and no one gets better reactions for a guy who’s not even part of huge storylines. People can pick and choose what they want out of it, but I feel like I’m a modern day Renaissance man of anything you could want me to do … except be six inches taller.”