Drew McIntyre ‘Ends’ TV PG At WWE Hell in a Cell?

WWE Champion Bobby Lashley successfully defended his title against Drew McIntyre at tonight’s Hell In A Cell pay-per-view. They had recently squared off against each other at WrestleMania 37. McIntyre flipped off Lashley, as seen in a photo below, going back to the TV 14 days in the TV PG era. Could this be a sign of things to come as crowds return? We’ll see.



Now, it seems The All Mighty is trying to lose the tail of The Scottish Warrior as he named a potential challenger to the title, could it be at WWE Money in the Bank?

Bobby Lashley wants Kofi Kingston to be his next challenger

Lashley has had a couple of outings with former WWE Champion, Kofi Kingston and during an interview with Yahoo! Sports, he was asked about a possible storyline featuring the Hurt Business and The New Day, revolving around Kofi. Drew McIntyre Cryptic AEW Rumor Leaks

Lashley was thrilled with the idea of having a clash with 14-time tag team champion. He said:

“Hell yeah. Someone like me stepping up in a fight against Kofi, it should be a layup and that’s not how people think it will go down. That’s what excites me about Kofi. I like Kofi and what he’s done for the business, and to have a fight with him, I would love to have that opportunity. He was a world champion and the one opportunity that he didn’t get was to have another shot at the title.”

We will see how things progresses but as of now The All Mighty is focused on defending the WWE Championship against Drew McIntyre.

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