Eddie Edwards discusses the latest changes of Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling’s Eddie Edwards had a chance to speak with Wrestling Epicenter about the company.



Edwards went over his hopes for an Impact-Ring of Honor partnership, the cross-promotion that Impact Wrestling has been doing, and how the company has turned around in such a short amount of time.

Below are some highlights of the interview:

Impact Wrestling’s crossover with Lucha Underground:

Pro wrestling is a strange, strange world right now. That’s a good thing. You’ve got companies working together, partnerships. You’ve got people going to other companies, working here, working there. It’s a very unique time, and I feel that Impact, we have an opportunity to really capitalize on that. We have that chance to kind of bring other companies together and bring new fans for us. So, I would love to see us to that with other well known companies.

The more chances we get to work with each other, the better for the boys and the better for the fans. I think it’s a unique time and a great time in wrestling, and we have to make sure we take advantage of it while we can.

The possibility of a co-branded event with ROH:

You know…I’m not gonna say that it would never happen. I hope it would happen. All I’m gonna do is cross my fingers and say that in wrestling there’s always a chance.

The direction Impact Wrestling has taken with Scott D’Amore and Don Callis:

I love it. From the office to the boys and the girls in the back and everybody involved, we’re all on the same page. One of the first things Scott and Don said was, “Nothing’s gonna be completely fixed, nothing’s gonna be perfect, nothing can turn around in one day. It’s gonna be day by day, step by step, and we’re gonna continue to do the right thing to do what we’re doing.”

I think everyone’s comfortable with that and everyone knows what our goal is. Our goal is to make Impact the best show we can. Everybody’s on board with that. It’s an exciting time.

Edwards also talked about his fight with Sami Callihan, the direction his character is going in 2018 and compares himself to a certain ECW original. You can check out the full interview below.

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