Edge Gets ‘Controversial’ Star Hired By WWE

Edge has always been known to give back to the business as many of us can see as he was used to job to Reigns at WrestleMania which many stars of his caliber would refuse to do. Edge also gives back to the talent. Edge gives back to the talent so much so, that he even gets people hired with just a phone call…Jimmy Uso Calls Out Bad Smackdown Botch.



Jaxson Ryker spoke with Drew Rice of Wrestling Inc. and discussed a variety of topics, including his relationship with former WWE and current AEW wrestler Cash Wheeler. Ryker also discussed how his friendship with Wheeler later resulted in his befriending of both Edge and William Regal, and how they helped him get into NXT.

Ryker stated: “Edge has always been cool for me as far as advice, even until now,” shared Ryker. “If I text him or whatever, he is always quick to reply. I just owe him so much, man. And I told him that at WrestleMania backstage. I just gave him a hug and said, ‘Man, you never had to stick your neck out for me, but you did.’ And [Edge] said, ‘Well, you know, I believed in you. If I didn’t believe in you then I wouldn’t have done that.’ So, I found it to be pretty cool.”

Ryker concluded speaking about his restart in wrestling: “I reported [to the Performance Center] and it was one of those restart moments. I wasn’t Gunner anymore; I wasn’t Phil Shatter from the indies,” remembered Ryker. “I was just Chad at the time. I was literally wrestling as my real name, Chad Lail, for, man, I guess, almost a year. So for me, mentally, that was weird. Because I went from Gunner, where it was kind of was my character. It was an intensified version of Chad Lail, who played on the Marine Corps and stuff like that. I went from that to just my real name.”

Special thanks to WrestlingInc for the transcription.

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