Edge ‘Losing’ Title To Big Name After WrestleMania?

If Edge or Daniel Bryan win the WWE Universal Title at WrestleMania, they will lose it to Roman Reigns quickly.



Wrestling Observer Newsletter wrote, “ “This, based on the build, the comparative segment numbers and the promos looks to be the biggest match of either show. What is also good is you can make a good case for any of the three to win. Reigns is the guy, and even if he loses, he’s getting it back.”

Edge discussed Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan suffering health scares that threatened their career, which he also had to deal with, in a new interview ahead of their WrestleMania 37 main event.

Edge told CBS Sports, “I didn’t watch the product, so I didn’t see any of a lot of stuff for a while,” Edge admitted. “I can look back now and say it was kind of like a mourning phase after having this thing ripped away from me. It took time. It really did. In that time, a lot happened that I missed and that was one of the things I didn’t see. I know every injury is different, right?

I heard he was cleared to come back, but his were concussion issues. I know that a spine and a concussion — or leukemia — are very different things. So you can’t get too wrapped up in, ‘Oh man! That guy made it back!’ They’re just different cases entirely.

I was happy for him because anytime that you can get this thing back, this thing that you love and this thing that it’s all you ever wanted to do — and that’s the case with Daniel Bryan — that makes you smile. But it never set the wheels in motion for me or anything.” Edge’s WWE Contract ‘Leaked’ Before WrestleMania.

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