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#FixWWE2K20 trends on Twitter on the release day for WWE 2K20

WWE 2K20

  • oppa

    I just heard that the company that was helping them stopped working with them so they had to rewrite all of the code for the game by scratch again. And this is what we get.

  • oppa

    People have been complaining about 2K for a long time. I’m not sure how long the deal is with 2K, but they may want to get out of it. It doesn’t make sense that you’d have to spend more money to buy everything possible for the game than you would for the network for a full year.

  • Sparti Love

    2K wrestling has been crap for years.. I hope WWE pulls the license and gives another developer a chance.

  • D_Ohm

    I gave up on the console versions. I’ve seen what mods can fix on the previous versions.

  • Shawn OB

    Well the first video doesn’t make it bad.

  • Will Henderson

    if these problems are gonna keep happening, then stop doing annual releases of WWE video games and just release the games once all the bugs and stuff are fix and release during WrestleMania season every 2 years.

  • Soulshroude

    Like all other games, this one came out too early. A later release date could have been suggested. This is beyond any type of “update” fix. The game needs to be recalled and actually finished.