Floyd Mayweather Sued By Top WWE Star

The Youtuber-turned-pro-boxer Logan Paul has been vocal about his paycheck regarding his bout against the undefeated boxing star Floyd Mayweather. ‘The Maverick’ has now decided to take legal step as the issue over his fight purse remains unresolved.



Logan Paul has threatened Floyd Mayweather

The YouTube star shared the ring with the boxing legend last June in a hugely successful exhibition fight, which sold around one million pay-per-views and generated huge revenue. Paul was expected to be paid a purse of around $15million from the fight with the boxing legend pocketing a mega $65m from the event, but the YouTube sensation has alleged he is yet to be paid the full amount.

Paul has threatened legal action on multiple occasions during their war of words over the final payment, which the boxing legend has strongly dismissed claiming he is even waiting for some of his own final purse amounts. However, Paul has insisted the situation remains ongoing and he is hoping for a resolution to be found in court.

Speaking to FightHype when asked for an update on the situation between himself and former rival Mayweather, he said:

“Nah we are still working on it. He didn’t pay me, there is a lawsuit pending and I am done talking about it. See you in court team Floyd.”

Paul survived the eight-round distance in the ring with Mayweather last year. However Paul alleged Mayweather had not fulfilled his side of the deal and was yet to pay him in full for his role in the event. We will now have to see what is next with the issue.

Barry Russell
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