Francis Ngannaou Leaks Bad UFC Paycheck

The topic of whether or not UFC fighters are under paid has been a hot one as tons of notable names in the combat sports world, for example Jake Paul, have been voicing their opinion on the matter. Another name to recently discuss the topic of fighter pay in the UFC is current UFC Heavyweight Champion of the world Francis Ngannou. Dana White recently leaked this ‘bad’ Francis Ngannou UFC deal



Taking to social media via Twitter, the champ had this to say about the current pay situation in UFC: The fighter has to go home unrewarded with all that frustration – and half of their money – for a job well done. Something needs to be done for these athletes getting robbed on the score cards.

In response, several combat sports fans responded to Ngannou’s remarks. One Twitter user named @adrianofgold stated: Easier said than done. I’m assuming you have never fought in a cage before? It’s not as easy as do more. The fighters are literally trying to work out their opponents while dodging punch’s kicks and getting taken down.”
While @brianmcvegas said: “A fighter in 2021 should be paid based on show/win. You all deserve a complete paycheck every time you complete. Judging will always inconsistent. Has been for decades and that won’t change.”

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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