HHH Talks Fans Controlling RAW, Kane Working Backstage for WWE, Vince Speaks, AJ Lee

USA Today has an interesting piece to promote tonight’s 1,000th episode of WWE RAW. Here are some highlights:



* Vince McMahon said he never had a goal of 1,000 episodes for RAW “but I have some pretty wild dreams, and have all my life,” he says. “I don’t know limitations until they really slap me in the face.”

* They noted that before the recent RAW in Las Vegas, Kane was the first in-ring talent in the building and attended a production/creative meeting. USA Today added that Kane has been toying with the idea of working backstage when he retires from in-ring action. Kane said, “Now that I have seen a little more about the production side of it, you realize how impressive doing a live television show every week is, and everything that goes into it and the changes that have to be made as you’re going along.”

* It was noted that Triple H will change things on the fly, depending on crowd reaction. Triple H on the constant changes: “Raw is live, and it’s live right up until we’re done, which means we’re changing stuff. The reality of our business is fans control the content. They control who’s the most popular, who’s the most hated, because we really go where they’re going.”

* AJ Lee on her character: “I love the in-ring work, but as a fan I love the dramatic stuff more than anything. This day and age, there needs to be a girl who’s not wearing as much makeup and isn’t that pampered-up and fancy. There’s a place for that, but there’s also a place for a girl I think fans want to hang out with and see themselves in.”

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