Hunter Biden Getting Arrested After Trump?

Former President Donald Trump has claimed that the Justice Department will try to create a veneer of impartiality to cover their legal persecution of him.



The former president launched new salvos at the DOJ this week as it appears his case of mishandling classified documents at Mar-a-Lago is about to enter a new phase.

On Tuesday, Trump got back on Truth Social to cry “It’s all about ELECTION INTERFERENCE… They are using the DOJ & FBI against me to Rigg [sic] the 2024 Election.”

“They are the Party of Disinformation!” Trump seethed. “They’ll hit Hunter with something small to make their strike on me look ‘fair.’ Nothing about these Fascists is fair or honest. FIGHT!”

Trump has produced no evidence to base any of these claims and attacks on. Clearly, however, he’s predicting that the investigation into President Joe Biden’s family will come to an underwhelming conclusion, with Hunter Biden receiving a mere slap on the wrist for his questionable conduct over the years.

It has been noted that this was part of an extended Truthing spree in which Trump kept on complaining over the scrutiny he faces over the case of the documents. He continued to deny any wrongdoing while whining about the “election interference” caused by his 2024 campaign getting bogged down by his legal battles.

Prosecutors in Trump’s case are said to be zeroing in on an audio recording of the former president in which he acknowledges that he held onto Pentagon documents and references that they were classified – undercutting his defense that he “declassified” everything after leaving office and demonstrating that he was aware of the restrictions around classified documents. CNN first reported the existence of the audio.


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