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Impact Wrestling results from 4/13/17

Here are the results from yesterday’s (Thurs. April 13, 2017) episode of Impact Wrestling (courtesy of Wrestling Inc.):

This week’s Impact opens with a promo featuring the feuds that have been built over the last several wekks, including the return of Magnus and Matt Morgan. JB welcomes us to the show and we see Braxton Sutter and Allie making their way to the Impact Zone for their match against KM and Sienna.

Reno Scum vs. Laredo Kid & Garza Jr. vs The Decay (w/ Rosemary)

All three teams make their entrances and the announcers sell their upcoming team vs. team main event. Laredo Kid and Garza Jr. take control of Adam and Luster early until Crazzy Steve gets tagged into the match. On the outside and Rosemary whips Steve into Garza on the barricade and The Decay are in command. Abyss is taking it to Garza Jr. and tags Steve back in to beat on him more, earning a near fall. Josh Mathews tells us that if his team, which he has dubbed “Team GOAT,” loses tonight, he will leave the announce table.

Garza Jr. with a big clothesline evens things up with Steve, but Rosemary pulls Laredo Kid off the apron before Garza can make the tag. Garza rolls under Steve to make a tag to Luster the Legend, who hits a big powerslam to gain control. Abyss is taged in and connects with a chokeslam on Luster. Luster the Legend with the crucifix toss on Crazzy Steve into Garza Jr! Reno Scum hit their Double Foot Stomp finisher on Steve for the 3 and the win! At the same time, Mathews storms off of commentary on his cell phone.

Winners: Reno Scum (pinfall)

Backstage interview with Andrew Everett, who says he deserves an X Division Title shot. Shane Helms says that Everett isn’t ready yet, and that he needs to earn his shot tonight. Everett suggests Helms join the match and after some back and forth Shane agrees. Andrew says he’ll see him out there!

We come back from commercial and Bruce Prichard makes his way to the ring. He says that Impact Wrestling asked all of the fans at home who they think should be the #1 contender for the World Heavyweight Championship to face Bobby Lashley next week. He reveals James Storm as the #1 contender as voted by the fans!

EC3 quickly makes his way out to the ring and he does not look happy. He asks Bruce to read the results again. Again, he says the #1 contender is “Cowboy” James Storm. EC3 says every week he hears the cheers for him when he hits the ring.
He feels like he’s in a bit of a rigged system, and that he doesn’t like or respect Prichard. Bruce reminds EC3 that he was the one who put the decision in the hands of the people. EC3 asks why after all he’s done for the company is Bruce holding the one loss to El Patron over his head. Bruce suggests he go look in the mirror and asks the person in the mirror what happened to the “Top Man?” Then he wants him to ask himself about how he lost to El Patron, and that he tapped out. He wants him to ask himself, “Did I tap out on the match, or did I tap out on myself?” The crowd boos and EC3 says he is going to take Bruce’s advice and discover what he is truly capable of. Prichard wishes him luck as both men shake hands to EC3’s music.

We get a “Make Impact Great Again” promo with Karen Jarrett about how change is good, and that Jeff Jarrett changes the atmosphere of every room he is in. She promises excitement, and she says the most exciting part of Impact Wrestling is change.

Braxton Sutter & Allie vs. KM & Sienna

Back to the Impact Zone as Sienna makes her way to the ring. Braxton Sutter and Allie are out next and we go to commercial.

When we return from the break we get the bell to start the match. Braxton Sutter and KM kick things off as Josh Mathews makes his way back to the announce table. KM tries to overpower Sutter, and Sutter is pulled down to the mat by Sienna on the outside. Allie trips up KM from the outside and Sienna helps KM regain focus. KM with the body slam and he steps on Sutter’s throat. He asks “who sucks now?” and the crowd responds “you do!” Braxton has enough time to regroup and musters up a suplex into the turnbuckle! Sienna charges in after Sutter, and Sutter tags Allie in to the delight of the crowd. Allie goes off the top rope but Sienna catches her smaller opponent. As Sienna back up with Allie in her arms, she trips over KM and Allie picks up the pinfall victory!

Winners: Braxton Sutter and Allie

After the match, Kongo Kong makes his way out to his entrance music and annihilates Sutter, smashing him with a huge rolling dive into the corner. Sienna seems to be in control of the monster and orders him to leave the ring to take out Allie. Laurel Van Ness comes to the ring now in her wedding dress and beats Allie before Sienna hits AK-47. Van Ness continues the beat down with her wedding heels and Sienna finally manages to get everyone to the ramp to celebrate as we go to commercial break.

We return to a graphic hyping the main event between Team JB and “Team GOAT.” Rosemary’s music hits and the Knockout’s Champion makes her way to the ring. JB reminds us that Rosemary has held the title since December 2016.

Rosemary vs. Santana Garrett

Santanna Garrett makes her entrance and Rosemary charges her immediately after the bell rings. Garrett counters out of the corner and lands three consecutive near falls. Santana gets caught with an elbow in the corner and Rosemary locks in a tarantula submission. Santana tries to fight back after the break but Rosemary levels her with a clothesline. Rosemary with a big splash followed by an exploder suplex. It’s all Rosemary looking for Red Wedding but Santana counters and hits the handspring elbow followed by a side russian leg sweep for a 2 count. Rosemary comes back with a dropkick and goes to the top rope. Garrett counters and catches the champ with her feet, flipping her off the turnbuckle! She goes for the handspring moonsault but Rosemary moves out of the way and collects the challenger with Red Wedding for the win.

Winner: Rosemary (pinfall)

Backstage now and a reporter asks Davey Richards and Angelina Love if they feel any remorse for what they did to Eddie Edwards. Angelina says absolutely not and she goes back to making out with Davey before telling us that Eddie and Alisha deserve every bit of suffering they hand out as we head to commercial.

JB welcomes us back and reminds us that if Team GOAT loses, Josh will leave the announce table. Andrew Everett makes his way to the ring followed by “All Day” Marshe Rockett, Suicide, and none other than Shane Helms accompanied by X-Division champion Trevor Lee.

Andrew Everett vs. Marshe Rockett vs. Suicide vs. Shane Helms

The bell rings and Marshe Rockett goes after Everett while Helms rolls out of the ring. Helms is clearly not dressed to compete but is wearing knee pads over his jeans. The referee removes Trevor Lee from ringside now and Shane is all alone. Suicide with the Suicide Plunge onto Marshe from the apron to the outside. Everett goes for the crash and burn but Helms pulls his foot and beats on him a bit before rolling back out of the ring. Suicide and Marshe are back in now and Helms tries to sneak a pin on Suicide. Marshe beats Everett between the turnbuckles but Suicide comes back and takes out both competitors with a DDT-double chop combo. Suicide celebrates but Marshe responds with a big boot.

Shane Helms taunts from the outside and Everett goes over the top ropes for a spinning heel kick to Marshe. Suicide Solution on Everett and Helms throws Suicide out of the ring to pick up the pieces. Helms takes his jacket off and drops Everett to the mat. He taunts the crowd and says he is the greatest Cruiserweight of all time. Everett gathers himself and rallies but gets raked to the eyes. Suicide with a bicycle kick from the apron to Helms and Everett sends Helms over the top rope. Marshe with a big slam on both Suicide and Everett and he goes to the top rope. He misses both opponents on the way down, and Everett is able to hit the shooting star press for the win on Rockett!

Winner: Andrew Everett (pinfall)

After the match, Helms and Lee double team Everett with the beat down. Everett hits a huricanrana DDT that knocks Trevor Lee out cold! Helms retreats up the ramp and Everett celebrates his big X-Division win.

Another ‘Make Impact Great Again’ promo, this time with the returning Matt Morgan. He tells us that the wrestling roster is second to none and that the future for Impact is unlimited. Morgan reminds us about his unreal physique and natural ability, and that we can expect him to make Impact great every week with his talent.

Back to the show and Davey Richards comes out with his wife and former Knockouts Champion Angelina Love. Joey Mathews wonder how far Love can push Davey Richards after winning the Last Man Standing match with Eddie Edwards last week. DJ Z is out now and the bell rings to start the match!

Davey Richards vs. DJ Z

Richards kicks DJ Z into the corner and stomps away. Davey flies in with the clothesline and rolls out to get sensual with Love again. DJ Z leaps out of the ring and lands on Richards. He beats Davey over the barricade and the steel steps before rolling him in for the cross body and the 2 count. DJ Z hits an elbow on Davey into the corner, but rolls up into a vicious clothesline from Richards. Davey misses the stomp from the top rope and DJ Z fights back with a neckbreaker for the near fall. Chin breaker by DJ Z and he goes for the DDT. Richards catches DJ Z and tosses him off before hitting a big kick to the chest. The ankle lock forces DJ Z to tap out instantly.

Winner: Davey Richards (submission)

Eddie Edwards comes storming into the ring after the match as security scrambles to hold him back. As they’re distracted with Eddie, his wife Alisha runs to the ring and beats down Angelina Love! Referees are forced to pull all four apart and struggle to keep order as Eddie’s music hits to send us to the break.

We return and see a “Veterans of War” vignette before going to JB and Mathews in the booth, who both share how much they hate one another.

Team GOAT (Lashley, Bram, Eli Drake & Tyrus) vs. Team JB (Chris Adonis, Matt Morgan, Alberto El Patron & Magnus)

World Heavyweight Champion Lashley is the first wrestler to make his way to the ring, and he fist bumps his team captain at the table. Bram is out next representing the DCC, followed by Eli Drake and Tyrus together. Chris Adonis (the former Chris Masters) is the first wrestler out for Team JB. “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan heads out next and Mathews admits he’s a beast. JB’s first pick Alberto El Patron comes out and we head to another commercial break.

Magnus enters the Impact Zone next holding the GFW Championship belt. Once again, if Josh’s team loses he promises to leave Impact’s announce table The bell rings and El Patron squares up with Lashley. Lashley doesn’t want anything to do with Patron just yet and tags in Eli Drake. El Patron takes control of Drake in the corner and hits the step-up enziguri for 2. Chris Adonis tags in with big chops on Eli Drake to keep control. Eli finds the strength to hit an elbow that downs Adonis, allowing him enough time to tag in Lashley. The World Champion tries to uses the Adonis Lock but Adonis escapes and hits a shoulder tackle followed by a double underhook suplex.

Bram tags in but gets caught with a Somoan Drop to get the near fall. Magnus tags in and beats Bram corner to corner. We get a two count after a slam from Magnus and Bram tries to regroup on the outside. Baseball slide to Bram but Magnus is tripped up on the apron to change the momentum. Bram now beats Magnus into the barricade and brings him back to the enemy corner for Eli Drake to get the pin. Drake misses a knee drop and Magnus finds his way to the corner to tag in Alberto El Patron. Backstabber by Patron who clears out Lashley, firing up the crowd before we go to break.

Back to the action now as Eli Drake tries to get the upper hand on Adonis. Tyrus out of nowhere levels Adonis from behind! Adonis gets lifted and slammed before Tyrus drops the elbow for 2. Huge catch suplex by Tyrus follows up with a splash to the corner. Lashley tags in as Tyrus slams Adonis back to the mat. Now Lashley is fired up, landing a neckbreaker before showboating for the crowd. He gets Magnus upset before tagging in Bram to keep control. Bram with the sleeper hold but Chris Adonis powers up and fights out. It’s no use as he gets driven to the mat, allowing Bram to tag in Drake. Lashley beats up Adonis on the outside and taunts El Patron and Team JB. Skylord Slam and the big elbow from Eli is only enough for 2.

Tyrus tags in now but Adonis tries to fight back. Once again he gets leveled and Tyrus sets up for the drop from the second rope. He misses and Adonis crawls his way to his corner to tag in Matt Morgan! Morgan completely cleans house of Team GOAT and hits the big turnbuckle splashes and a chokeslam on Bram. Tyrus breaks up the pin but eats a superkick from El Patron. Spear by Lashley on Patron and Adonis hits the Spinebuster on Lashely! Magnus with the powerbomb to Eli and he locks in the Cloverleaf. Bram breaks things up and tosses Magnus out of the ring, but Morgan is back in now and he connects with the Carbon Footprint! Elbow Drop from the top rope by Magnus and Team JB gets the 3 count and the win!

Winners: Team Jeremy Borash (pinfall)

JB dances at ringside and thanks his team for helping him get rid of Mathews. The faces come out and Alberto waves goodbye to Mathews from on top of the announce table. JB tells us that these are all his friends, and they all wave goodbye to Josh who must now leave his duties as commentator on Impact Wrestling. Thank you for joining us and we’ll see you next week!