Jack Swagger Speaks On Possible Summerslam Match, Armageddon PPV

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– I was driving in my car when on my local radio station they were interviewing Jack Swagger on Colorado Springs 9.61 Da Beat FM. He was on the phone in Denver from where they were hosting the WWE Smackdown/ECW/Raw house show he was commenting on how tickets were to cheap for him appearing in Colorado… and how he was talking about Randy Orton and Legacy and how he is good friends with them, he also mentioned in the interview that he is going to become United States champion at Summerslam. I am not quite sure what this means for Summerslam or if he even will be going againest Kofi Kingston or what. He also was talking about the contest there having tomorrow at the event where a lucky winner will face Kolf Kingston and win a new 52 inch Sony HDTV and PS3 with SDvsRAW 2009.

– WWE’s Armageddon PPV will emanate from the AT&T Center in San Antonio, TX on 12/14.

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