Jake Paul Direct Message To Tommy Fury Girlfriend Leaks

Jake Paul is one of the biggest boxers in the professional boxing world who has defeated many stars so far, including the likes of Anderson Silva.



The Problem Child is set to square off against Tommy Fury in Saudi Arabia on February 26th. He also revealed that Tommy Fury and his social media influencer girlfriend Molly-Mae Hague will have a baby, but fans felt he should not have leaked that.

The news that Tommy’s rival’s baby had been born was a surprise to the public, as neither Tommy nor his girlfriend, a social media influencer, had made a public announcement. Paul wrote a message claiming that Tommy has no excuses and threatened to make him retire from boxing and change his last name if he couldn’t beat the YouTuber. He then traveled to London to confront Fury and watch a boxing match. When asked about revealing Tommy and Molly’s baby news, Paul acted as if he didn’t understand the impact of his actions.

Paul told SportBible; “Did I do that? I leaked it? Oh s***. My bad. I’m sorry, Tommy. But don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone the gender or anything like that.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter has been a huge pro wrestling fan since 2002, and it's been his first love ever since then. He has years of writing experience for all things pro wrestling. His interests outside of wrestling include films, books and soccer.

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