Jeff Hardy ‘Quitting’ WWE Rumor Leaks

WWE star Jeff Hardy made his return to this week’s edition of Monday Night Raw. He had faced a returning Jinder Mahal who squashed him in a short match.



Vince Russo says Jeff Hardy deserves better

Now, Vince Russo recently opened up about how Jeff Hardy has been booked by WWE in the recent past and it affects his legacy as a veteran star. Russo believes that the way WWE is booking Hardy, it has  “killed” off his character.

According to him, Hardy’s defeat to someone like Mahal does not make any sense.

Russo on the latest edition of Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Legion of RAW spoke about how Hardy’s recent booking is as similar as Mansoor who made his debut last week on Raw. Russo said that a veteran like Hardy should deserve better than what he is experiencing now. WWE Legend Calls Jon Moxley ‘Future Drug Addict

He said:

“That doesn’t even work anymore because their whole idea is, ‘If Jinder Mahal beats Jeff Hardy, he’s beaten somebody.’ No he hasn’t. You haven’t done anything with Jeff Hardy. What happened to Mansoor? Where’s he? Where’s Mansoor? Jeff Hardy right now is as over as Mansoor. You have not done anything with him. Jinder beats him and it doesn’t mean anything.”

“They think that it does but no, you killed Hardy years ago. Years ago you killed Jeff Hardy and that’s where I feel bad for these guys. This is Mickie James with her stuff in a garbage bag. These people deserve so much more. Out of respect, I wouldn’t book jobber matches with these guys. You don’t do that out of respect.”

Jeff Hardy is truly a WWE legend and a star like him should not be a part of jobber matches. His brother, AEW star Matt Hardy recently dropped hints about reuniting their tag-team. We will see whether the brother duo get together for one last run.

As per the rumors, the Charismatic Enigma had penned down a deal last year that would keep him in the company for good two to three years, so he can’t quit despite rumors including his brother Matt posting a classic photo with him on Monday night.

Following his match on Raw, fans have been speculating about his contract status. As it turns out he could remain on the roster for a good amount of time as reported by PWInsider.

PWInsider had reported:

“Since the usage of Jeff Hardy the last few weeks (appearing on WWE Main Event) followed by his loss tonight on Raw seems to have sparked questions about whether his WWE contract is coming to an end, we are told by a WWE source that Hardy still has “a good chunk of time left on his deal” as he acknowledged last year that he had signed a new deal. At the time, was told that new deal was in the 2-3 year range.”

We will have to see what is in store for Jeff Hardy in the upcoming weeks.


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