Jeff Hardy reveals which wrestling spots he is done with

Jeff Hardy, the former WWE Intercontinental Champion is popular among the fans for his high-risk moves during his matches. Recently, he opened up on the spot that he is considering stop doing.



Jeff Hardy is done with spots involving his gauged ears

Jeff Hardy was involved in the ladder match against AJ Styles and Sami Zayn for the WWE Intercontinental Championship at Clash of Champions Gold Rush pay-per-view.

There was a spot where Sami Zayn handcuffed a ladder with Hardy’s earlobe. Though he tried to drag the ladder to get inside the ring he could not refrain Zayn from winning the championship title.

WWE recently released ‘Day of: Clash of Champions’ on WWE Network. The backstage clip after the match showed Hardy and MVP having a conversation.

MVP told him to be a trendsetter and joked that Hardy could wear the ladder as a jewelry.

Hardy said that he felt lot of pain doing the earlobe spot. He also said that it felt like he would lose his ear.

He said:

“I’m about done with the ear stuff because when that ladder fell it felt like it ripped my whole… oh man, god it felt like… it was crazy. Then I was just trying to support it, I’m a madman.”

Check out the video clip below:

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