Jon Moxley ‘Bad’ AEW Match Leads To Refund

The exploding barbed wire match took place between Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega at AEW Revolution pay-per-view back in February. The final explosion looked lame and it was considered to be a botch by the fans. They soon demanded refund and was totally dissatisfied with the fail. Jimmy Uso Arrested During WWE Show?



AEW President Tony Khan recently made an appearance on The Dan Le Batard Show, where he spoke about the botch.

Tony Khan lauds Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega

Khan seems to have gone rough on the personnels responsible for the pyrotechnic at the end of the match as it was a complete disaster.

During the conversation he went on to speak about the details. He even praised Omega and Moxley for putting up such a great match and the ending was not their fault.

“I’ll never let the non-wrestling people…I was trying to be too safe and I let the professionals handle the stuff and they are guys who don’t understand wrestling. A professional pyrotechnic guy. They totally shit the bed. I ended up not paying them. It was like $100,000 they ended up refunding for all the expenses of the match. I ended up not paying for the (exploding) barbed wire deathmatch, which I shouldn’t have. They screwed up royally. We put together something great. Kenny and Jon worked their asses off and all they had to do was set up the final explosion. This is because we used professional pyrotechnic people who are supposed to know. The next time we do this, and I will do it again because the match drew. Everything Jon and Kenny did up until that point was outstanding, it wasn’t their fault it didn’t go off. Long story short, it was a long time ago and we’ve bounced back since then. That was three months ago and everything has been pretty perfect and couldn’t have gone much better. I was really grateful that the next pay-per-view was up and did a big number.”

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