Kayla Braxton Dancing In Rest Room Video Leaks

WWE backstage interviewer Kayla Braxton recently she took to her Instagram and uploaded a video clip which was also posted to her TikTok account. As multi-colored lights flashed in the restroom, Braxton was seen dancing



Kayla Braxton shares tragic news

Braxton recently broke her character and took to social media recently to share details of a family tragedy. WWE’s ‘The Bump’ host noted in a tweet that her mother had notified her that a treasured family pet had passed away.

“Mom just called to tell us they had to put our family dog down today. His name was Wylie and he was my mom’s shadow so she’s taking it really hard. Losing a pet is a different kind of heart break. Thanks for being such a great companion, Wylie. See you on the other side,” Braxton wrote.

WWE star and Damage CTRL leader Bayley recently lashed out at Braxton before threatening to attack her. The former SmackDown Women’s Champion made her return at SummerSlam, after being on the shelf with an injury. She brought with her Dakota Kai and IYO SKY. The trio have since formed a faction called Damage Control.

The group appeared on the most recent episode of WWE’s The Bump. On the show, Braxton, who joined remotely, took issue with how The Role Model treated the staff on the show. This included a rude reply to the announcement of appearing on the weekly show on Twitter.

Kayla then confronted Bayley about their back-and-forth on the social media app. The former NXT Women’s Champion then proceeded to lash out at the backstage interviewer and pointed out that she was not in the studio for The Bump.

“You didn’t show up because you’re scared of this (kicking the air). Yeah, you ain’t here. If you’re wondering, this is the leg I had surgery on and I can still (kicks the air again). No friends, you’re scared. I don’t care. Move on.” Bayley said.

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