Kayla Braxton Shows Backside In Bar Photos

WWE backstage interviewer Kayla Braxton recently took to her Instagram account and posted some pictures flaunting her backside and the pictures were snapped at a bar. Check them out below:



Kayla Braxton opens up on dating

Braxton often posts Tweet regarding dating and stuff. She is single and makes sure her fans know that as well. She took to her Twitter and revealed her dislike of healthy lifestyles in an amusing post. She revealed what kind of person she could never date. In a tweet, Braxton, who came out as bisexual last year, said that someone who can’t loosen up on vacations are off the table for her.

I could never date someone who suggested we eat healthy or watched our alcohol intake on vacation. Gym? Sure. But if I wake u up at 5:30 am mixing up some frozen margaritas and ordering breakfast burritos, you better be game.

Braxton had also reposted a viral message that shared different scenarios where a woman might choose to get an abortion. The day before, the Supreme Court overturned 1973’s Roe v. Wade, eliminating the constitutional right to abortion.

“Just want to leave this here for the ignorant and arrogant people who have chosen to remain uneducated about what this means for we women who bear this burden,” Braxton wrote. “I did not write this, but it encompasses the reality. I would also add – im pro- a woman doing what’s best for HER.”

She continued, “I’ll also add – I am a product of rape. My mother was raped by a stranger – to this day, neither of us have any clue who my birth dad is. She chose to have me – clearly – but she did so because she CHOSE to. Not because a law told her she HAD to. It should always be our choice.”

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